Why you should open a Target REDcard now

I'm definitely a shopper who loves to save an extra 15% or even 25%, but I always say no when I am asked at checkout to open a credit card. However, I have found that the Target REDcard is definitely one that I have no regrets opening. There are soon many perks to having this card. First, you receive an additional 5% off all of your purchases, which doesn't sound like a lot, but it really does add up. Plus, when you combine it with the discounts on the Cartwheel App, oftentimes I end up getting 10-15% off all of milk, fruit snacks, etc. Second, you get free shipping on almost every item online. Third, you receive an additional 30 days to return your items...and you don't have to have a receipt!! Hallelujah!

So why open one now?! Now through May 20th, when you open a debit or credit REDCard, Target will send you a coupon for an extra 10% off a shopping trip! This means that you could save an additional 15% off that carseat/stroller combo or accent chair that you have had your eye on for forever!! If you have been thinking about opening one, now is the time!! Follow this link to quickly and easily apply online.