A Free Gift For You From Chatbooks

Chatbooks has teamed up with Mother.ly this Mother's Day to offer you a FREE online smartphone photography course!! This course is normally $39, but again this is FREE! The course includes eight video tutorials and tons of techniques for getting the perfect shot! I signed up for it this morning and it was super slick. I could always use some advice on how to capture better moments of my kids and life in general, so I'm really excited about this!

This is how you sign up. Follow this link to Mother.ly and click on "sign up." It will have you subscribe to Mother.ly, but don't worry, this isn't one of those monthly paid subscriptions...still FREE! Fill out your info and you are set to start the courses! One thing, when I was done filling out my information and clicked continue, the next prompting was to "enter payment information" which confused me, but that was the only option I had. I clicked "enter payment information" and then it immediately directed me to the online courses. I didn't actually have to enter in any payment info. Anyway, just a heads up cause it concerned me since I didn't want to pay for the course.