We all love things at a discount and new babies can get expensive.  One of the best things to do when you are expecting is to signup for some great programs and freebies.  Remember you can signup each time you have a baby, it doesn't have to be your first child to sign up for these programs.  Here are some favorites:

·         Free Breast Pump - Check with your insurance to see if they offer a free breast pump.  This isn't a well advertised thing, but most insurance providers offer one under your policy. It's worth a phone call to your insurance for sure, those breast pumps are not cheap! 

·         Target Baby Registry – Even if you don’t want a baby shower you should sign up. You get a welcome pack that you can go pick up at your local Target once you register which includes a bunch of freebies and coupons (including maternity clothing coupons). In addition, they give you a 15% coupon to use towards anything left on your registry after the big day.

·         Amazon Baby Registry – Again even if don't have a baby shower, you get a free baby box shipped to you full of freebies and coupons that are worth taking the time to setup the registry.

·          Sam’s Club Baby Box – Free diapers, wipes, and other baby goodies.

·         Enfamily Family Beginnings – Free formula and high dollar coupons.

·         Similac Strong Moms – Free formula, high dollar coupons, and a free Shutterfly book promo code.